Reducing Your Possibility For Anxiety Attacks

Sometimes our emotions take over control and we feel like there is nothing we can do to stop them. This is what typically occurs when you have a panic attack. However, the only way to overcome it is through self discipline. You are really the only person in the world that can actually alleviate your onset of anxiety attacks. Let’s take a quick look at some of the little things you can do to help prevent yourself from having these stressful episodes.

panic_attackYou can control your breathing, even though it feels like you can’t. When you have an attack your breathing will become very short and quick. Sometime people tend to stop breathing for a few moments. Continually tell yourself you can breath. Train yourself to start taking larger gasps of air and try to return your breathing back to its normal state. This will take some time and effort. You have to believe in yourself and on a subconscious level your body will want to calm down your breathing when you have an attack. This is like tricking your brain into doing what you actually want, without you really knowing you are doing the activity.

talkingSpeaking with your partner, friend, or even medical professional is a great start. Sometimes these anxiety attacks are brought on by feelings that we have let build and build up too far. Talking it out with someone who is understanding will take a literal load off of your chest. The power of just saying out loud the problems we are having is immense. And having someone to listen and acknowledge our feelings makes us feel better about having them in the first place. We know that it’s hard to say the first word to someone else, but once you get going the rest will just flow right out of you.

listIdentifying the causes of your stress is one of the best methods to start eliminating them one by one and decreasing your possibility of having panic attacks. Physically sit down with a pencil and paper. Think about the things that cause stress in your life. This shouldn’t be too hard as they should be the first things that come to mind. And when you think about these situations they will bring your emotions to the forefront. This will give you the perfect identifier for the degree to which these things are causing you to stress out. Many people have reported just the physical act of writing down their stress sources is a great first step in their healing process. They finally come to terms with the true issues they are having in life, and they see them right on the paper in front of them. There is no way of escaping it once it becomes real, and by real we mean out of your head.