The Ultimate Secret To Becoming A Better Lover

be_a_better_loverEveryone and their brother likes to think that they are the ultimate lover in bed. Unfortunately, the majority of people that think this way are quite the opposite when you ask their partner. We wanted to share with you some secret tips on how to become a better lover in the bedroom. The way we came up with this list is simply by reverse engineering. We took the most complained about problems that people report about their partner’s lovemaking abilities, and flipped them around so you can do the complete opposite. Seems pretty easy right. Let’s take a look.

The number one complain that people have about their lovers is dishonesty. No one likes to be lied to. This is just human nature intertwined with a bit of common sense. Having honesty is vital to the success of any relationship. When your partner throws out a move that you love, tell them about it. When they are doing something that isn’t too pleasant avoid getting critical. Instead try talking to them with a suggestive attitude. For example, ‘baby try it slower, I really like it when you do that”. We all take up a guard when we get criticized. However, when suggestions are present we find it much easier to follow their instruction.

couple_talkingThis last one rules into the next big thing you need to be doing, which is have an open string of communication between the two of you. Once you practice the first topic we covered it will create a more open relationship, where you won’t have as much trouble or nervousness about asking what they want or like. The biggest problem that many couples face is embarrassment when it comes to discussing the bedroom aspects. We don’t want to make our partners upset. However, being honest with each other and coming out and saying what you feel or want is the only way to truly have a great sex life. You chose to be with that person, there should be no secrets or anxiety when you are with them. You both are the only two who are putting up that barrier of closed communication between the two of you. Simply take the first step and break it down. You’ll be glad that you did.

Next, don’t get insulted when your partner makes suggestions or tells the truth. No one likes hearing they don’t last long enough or their partner doesn’t climax. This is very hard to hear, that’s for sure. However, these are the things you need to hear! You need to let those quiet, brushed under the rug, problems come to light and be a reality. This will be the only way you face them, and find your motivation to fix them. The one thing you really need to avoid is turning the problem around on your partner. Again this is just human nature as we don’t want to be blamed so we turn into around on the other person. But, remember the other person is your lover, your partner. Refrain from replacing blame that truly lies in your faults.

Ask your partner how they want you to change. They are actually your best source of information when it comes to pleasing each other. Listen to what they have to say and apply it. Most women will instruct for longer fondling time prior to engaging in vaginal penetration. This is important for women as they don’t get as warmed up as quickly as men do. Typically this is something that you can easily do. You will be surprised at the most simplest things that can make a world of difference, such as maintaining eye contact during sex. When you get frustrated, just remember that it wasn’t easy for your partner to come out with the problems they have with your sex life.

Be open to looking for outside help. We don’t specifically mean the therapist. Although if you are having problems with your communication seeing one may be a great way to move past the issue at hand. However, here we are more talking about trying an enhancement product or herbal supplement. If you fall short in size testing out an natural penis enlargement pill may be a great option. Not only to make her more satisfied, but you’ll enjoy the confidence boost of having a bigger bulge. Other issues like premature ejaculation can be solved with over the counter topical creams. Just try one and see if it works. You want to make sex better and sometimes this means going to outside sources to make it happen. Don’t consider it a failure on your part, just look at it as an advancement. You could drive around the car your have, or you could upgrade to another one with more options.