Your Heart And Sexual Activity Abilities

Did you know that your sexual performance with her is actually tied to the health of your heart? When it comes to how hard your erections are and how long you last in bed your blood pressure and circulation are the determining factors. There are many ways you can help to increase your body’s circulation and make your heart stronger. Just think, all those things that you were taught as a kid to keep your heart healthy are going to pay off in one great way for you. Better sex that last longer with stronger erections.

eat_healthyFirst, it’s true that you are what you eat. When you opt for those greasy fast food joints instead of healthy alternatives it takes a toll on the ability of your heart to function properly. So your initial goal here should be to avoid those artery clogging foods like fried or oily meals and fatty meats. Choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. These have natural antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals in your bloodstream. This will help with your circulation.

Make exercising part of your weekly routine. Just spending a good half an hour at the gym doing cardio can make an immense difference when it comes to your stamina in the bedroom. Slowly work yourself up to hour sessions and push your body to its limits. As you workout more you will notice that you are building up a tolerance to the amount of time you spending doing a particular activity. For example, let’s say you run on the treadmill for thirty minutes the first week you start your routine. The first few days can be very trying as your body is not used to the constant running. However, by week two you will notice you’ll be able to knock out that half hour and still be ready to keep going when the buzzer goes off.

visit_the_doctorEncourage yourself to visit the doctor regularly. If you haven’t seen a doctor in a long time it’s hard to start back up seeing one again. But all it takes is one simple call to get you back on track. Having regular check ups will help to catch medical issues like high blood pressure and diabetes. In addition, the more you speak to your doctor the more comfortable you will feel around them. This is good for times when you need to speak about embarrassing issues, such as erectile dysfunction.

Focus on relieving your stress. Men are known to bottle up stress unlike their female counterparts who opt for talk it out with a friend. Take a note here and do the same thing. Find someone you trust or schedule an appointment with a therapist if you are afraid of taking to someone you know. Letting chronic stress keeping building up has resulted in heart disease for many men according to a recent study. This is something that you can control. All you have to do is take the first step, and it will get easier from there.